How to Install Go on Windows

Golang or go in short is an open-source systems programming language. Its syntax is similar to that of the C programming language and comes with memory safety and garbage collection. It’s really simple to install go. So, let’s get started.

Prerequisites for Golang

We need a version control software to manage go projects. Here we will use git.

Installing git

So, let’s first install git. If you have already installed git, you can skip this step.

1. Download git installer

  1. Go to and click on downloads.
  2. Select your platform. Here we are using windows.
  3. The download will start.

2. Install git on Windows

After download, launch the .exe file.

The installation wizard will show up and license will be shown. Click next.

Git install wizard read the license
The license agreement of git installation

Here you have to select the components to install. Keep this as it is if you are a beginner and click next.

Install Git Select Components
Select Components to install

Now you will have to select the text editor of your choice. Here I have Visual Studio Code already installed so it is selected by default.

Install Git Select Code Editor
Select Code Editor for git

Now you will have to select how you will use git from the command line. Select the first option if you are beginning. If you select the second option, you will be able to use git from any command-line software like CMD, Powershell to name a few. Click next after you have selected the option accordingly.

Install Git Path Setup
Git Path Setup

In the next prompt, you have to select the https library that will be used when creating https connections using git. OpenSSL library is selected by default. Keep it as it is. Click next.

Install Git Https Setup
Git Https library setup

Here we select line ending options. The default option will suffice. Click next.

Install Git Line Endings
Git line endings setup

Now select the terminal emulator that will be used. MinTTY is selected by default. Click next.

Install Git Terminal Emulator Config
Git Terminal Emulator Config

Then the extra options are shown. Just click next and keep it as it is.

Install Git Extras
Git installation extras

Experimental options are not selected by default. You can simply move forward and click next.

Install Git Experimental Options
Git installation experimental options

It will install git on your Windows.

After the installation has ended, click finish. Congratulations! You have successfully installed git.

Next, we set up a git user.

3. Set up git user

After installing git you have to set up a user. This step is very easy. First, launch git bash from the start menu or desktop icon.

Note that, in order to set up the user you need to be inside a git directory.

If you don’t know what a git directory is don’t worry. Just create an empty directory. Then run the command below from inside it.

git init

You will notice (master) is written in that git-sample-directory I created. That means it is a git directory.

Git Bash User Not Defined
Git Bash User Not Defined

In the image shown above, you can see the user is not set. So, let’s set the git user.

The commands to set up user are:

git config --global "your username"
git config --global "your email" 
Git Bash User Setup
Git Bash User Setup

Done! You have successfully set yourself up as a git user.

Installing Golang

Let’s start installing Golang on Windows.

1. Download go for Windows

First, go to and click on “Download Go“. It will lead to the download page. There you will have to select the msi installer for windows.

Go Download Windows Amd64
Go download for Windows amd64

2. Install go from .msi file

After launching the installer (.msi file) the installer will begin. Click next.

Install Golang Wizard
Install Golang Wizard

First, accept the license agreement. Then click next.

Install Golang Accept License Agreement
Install Golang Accept License Agreement

The destination is already set to a value. If you would like to change it, just click change. But keeping it to default value is just fine.

Install Golang Specify Install Location
Install Golang Specify Install Location

Click Install to begin the installation. Windows will ask for administrator permission. Just accept it.

Install Golang Begin
Install Golang Begin

The installation has begun.

Installing Golang
Installing Golang

After it has completed installing, click Finish to complete the setup.

Installation Golang Finished
Installation Golang Finished

Golang has been installed successfully. Now we need to check if it has been set up properly. We can check that from the command prompt or any other terminal. Here we will use CMD.

3. Check Golang version installed

Enter the command below to check installed Golang version:

go version
Check Go Installation
Check Go Installation

4. Check if GOPATH is set up properly

Now we need to check if GOPATH is set up properly.

To check that open Control Panel. Then go to System and Security and click on System.

A window will open as shown below.

Open Advanced System Settings
Open Advanced System Settings

Open Advanced System Settings from left sidebar.

Advanced System Settings
Advanced System Settings

Click on Environment Variables.

Gopath Is Set

Check if GOPATH is set. Here in the image above GOPATH is set to %USERPROFILE%\go.

You can set it to any folder you prefer.

To change GOPATH just click Edit and then either write the path or browse the folder.

Congratulations! You have installed go in your Windows successfully.