7 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2021

Most of the things around us are done through coding: software for designers, robots in factories, engineering calculations and design, and so on. In the modern world, this area has become an integral part of work, education, and recreation. In 2021, it is very important to know at least a few programming languages – this will open up new opportunities for you, teach you how to quickly analyze various situations, and improve creative thinking. Today a programmer is one of the most demanded professions, and every year it becomes more democratic and more accessible, and the demand for specialists is steadily growing. 

According to various sources, there are up to 25,000 languages in the world. But the most popular are 15-20: Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, С, С ++, С #, and others. A lot of programming languages are specifically developed for web development.


This is perhaps the most relevant programming language today, in which you can program almost anything, from ordinary programs to neural networks. Python is simple in structure, yet incredibly flexible and powerful. Knowing Python, you can do a lot of things – from the simplest scripts to data analysis and building neural networks. But specifically, development on Python is a backend for web servers, development of a hidden part of the Internet – one that ordinary users do not see. Python developers are in great demand right now. One might get the impression that it takes years of learning to master a language as powerful and versatile as python. But the basics of Python can be learned in less than 6-8 weeks if you have previous experience with coding languages.


JavaScript is commonly used as an embedded language for programmatically accessing application objects. It is most widely used in browsers as a scripting language to add interactivity to web pages. JavaScript is now the only programming language for browsers. With its help, you can easily insert any tags into the HTML code, set the appearance of elements through the HTML class and attributes, and even request data from the user.


This language has been the number one most popular programming language for a very long time. Previously, Java was widely used to write “applets” – small applications that run right in the browser. For example, a calendar, guestbook or online chat. Java is also widely used in e-commerce and web applications. For a Java application to work on computers with different operating systems, it does not need to be rewritten. You need to install two virtual machines for the same operating systems. It is easy to write high-level abstractions in this language, Java has readable code, which helps to implement the most complex architectural solutions and developers’ ideas. You need skills such as Java Core to become a real Java developer. Java is actually used everywhere, on your phone, on your set-top box, on your credit card, on the server you are currently connected to, in the browser you are currently using. Java is the most ubiquitous language ever created, so it’s worth learning.


C ++ is a compiled language that is available on many platforms. Other versions of programming languages such as Java, C #, D, etc. were influenced by C ++. C ++ is the fastest in code execution and versatile. There are C ++ compilers on every operating system, most programs are easily portable from platform to platform, with the development environment and libraries you will definitely not have any problems. C ++ solves a wide range of tasks: from writing low-level utilities to developing complex software systems. That is why it will be relevant for decades to come.


The language has a laconic syntax with keywords, similar to the syntax of C and C ++. There is a code analyzer that helps to avoid memory leaks and make mistakes when working with multithreading. Rust is a new programming language – it was officially introduced in 2010 by Graydon Hoare. And Rust 1.0 was released in 2015. The language works without problems on Unix and Mac, abstractions greatly simplify manual memory regulation, and a reliable system of interaction with memory, eliminating segmentation errors. Rust is rapidly evolving, refining, and trying to solve the significant shortcomings of C ++ and other programming languages. The main feature of Rust is multithreading. It allows you to use multithreading without much risk. Development using Rust in a few years may become much more popular, and in the distant future, even squeeze the current giants of the market.


Kotlin is a programming language for Android systems. A modern developer of applications, including mobile ones, has access to a wide range of languages ​​and technologies for almost all tastes and occasions. Kotlin is definitely at the peak of its popularity at the moment and can bring a lot of benefits in testing. In 2011, the language was introduced to the public. Unlike its predecessor Java, Kotlin is more secure. At one time, the language of Scala, Groovy, was going to replace Java, but this did not happen. Some experts argue that Kotlin can do this. However, it cannot completely replace Java. But to capture a fair share of new projects, yes. The semantics of the language contains principles that prevent a number of very common errors that usually occur at the time of program execution. The language was specially conceived to be as pragmatic and easy to use as possible for developers.


Swift is a programming language for iOS systems. It is gaining more and more popularity in 2021. It makes it easier for users to visit websites, upgrades applications. Swift – this is about open-source programming. Swift is a fantastic way to write apps for phones, desktops, servers, and anything else that gets started and run with code. It is quite easy to learn. It allows you to prevent a lot of errors at the compilation stage, improve the quality of your code, and speed up the development process. Swift can be used to build Mac and iOS apps, serving as a possible replacement for the legacy Objective-C language, which until now has been the only built-in option for Mac and iOS developers. Learn one language, build apps on both platforms, and enter the ever-growing app market. To summarize, we can say that learning programming languages in 2021 are an essential skill if you want to understand the IT-sphere. The most relevant study of programming is for children since they are the future. The best solution would be to send your child to programming courses because in 2021 this is one of the most important skills. Having a part-time job, students may experience some difficulties in doing their programming assignments. If you are among such students and you need help from a team of coding experts, please visit this site to get immediate assistance online.