3 Ways to Learn Coding to Become a Software Engineer

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/cYyqhdbJ9TI

With a 25% growth expected in employment opportunities, software engineering is among the most sought careers nowadays. It is an excellent and rewarding tech career if you have problem-solving skills, creativity, and skills in technology. 

There are many ways to learn coding to enter the software engineering industry, even if you do not have the relevant experience or degree. This article discusses what software engineers do and how you can learn to become one. 

What Do Software Engineers Do?

Software engineers make and write computer programs that help users and businesses solve problems and use technology. Software engineers can choose among multiple jobs specializing in web applications, content management, operating systems, and data-based.

To become a software engineer, you must have excellent programming and technical skills. You need to know at least one scripting language like JavaScript and Python and at least one object-oriented language like C++ and Java. 

How to Learn Coding to Become a Software Engineer

Since you need to learn a scripting language and an object printed language to become a software engineer, here are 3 options you can take to learn. The best option for you depends upon your lifestyle and budget. 

1. Coding Bootcamp

Coding boot camp provides you with the programming skills to start a career in software engineering fast. Even as a beginner, you can get a strong base for coding in boot camp and start an entry-level job. 

A coding boot camp is for you if you don’t have the resources or time to go to college for four years. The time duration for the course depends on which one you choose, ranging from two to six months, and is usually much more affordable than college. You can even learn how to code while working by joining a part time coding school which usually has very flexible options, like online or classes on weekends only to suit your professional schedule. 

2. College 

Despite being a longer and more expensive option, the college remains the most popular choice for engineers to gain education, with over 75% of developers having a bachelor’s degree or higher equivalent. In these four years, college teaches you a lot from computer science practice and theories with the support from instructors, an ideal learning environment, and an ideal for networking. College degrees are also regarded well by employers. 

A degree in software engineering is ideal, but other related degrees could work as well, such Or if you have an associate’s degree in a field related to software engineering, you can transfer your credits into a bachelor’s program, making it possible for you to get a bachelor’s degree faster. Remember that a degree isn’t compulsory to become a software engineer, as 16% of developers believe that college degrees are not essential, and over 20% of individuals are employed without a degree. 

3. Self Learning 

With the internet at almost everyone’s fingertips nowadays, learning how to code yourself from free online courses and resources is possible. This is a great affordable way to learn to code while being the most flexible since you can choose when to learn. 

However, flexibility can also be a disadvantage when you’re learning all by yourself, as you don’t have the strictness of a schedule and instructors, making it difficult to learn. This method works for those motivated and disciplined enough to set a proper plan. 


Software engineers create computer programs by coding. You need to use scripting and object-oriented languages to become a software engineer. One of the fastest and most affordable ways to learn these languages is to join a coding boot. A college is an excellent option if you have the budget and time and want to network in the industry. Even if you don’t have the time flexibility or budget, you can learn how to code all by yourself at home by learning from online free coding courses. The choice you make depends upon your time, flexibility, and budget.