Golang – Iterate over a map

Hello again! In a previous discussion, we talked about using the native map container in Go. In this tutorial, we’ll be exploring more about maps in particular, by iterating through them. We’ll also have a brief overview of how this scenario changes in a multi-threaded environment as well, so keep reading for more! Now, let’s

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Golang reflect package

Today we’ll get into a more in-depth look into a package in Go called reflect. It is on the more intermediate to advanced implementation side. In this tutorial, we’ll see what it is and how it is used. For a deeper understanding, you can also check out Implementing reflection in Reflection and Type Switching in Go.

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Unary gRPC with Golang

This is Part 2 of the gRPC tutorials. If you haven’t checked that out, here’s the link: Introduction to gRPC with Golang. Since we covered all the basics, we’ll directly jump into implementing a unary gRPC with GO. Define a proto service Implement server in Go Implement client in Go Error Handling Homebrew and Protoc

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Introduction to gRPC with Golang

Here, we will learn everything about what gRPC is and how we can implement it with the Go programming language. Be sure to have a notebook or text editor ready to take notes for future reference. Also, go through some of the other tutorials on this website if you’re interested. Why gRPC? Today, applications are

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Go AWS Lambda

In this article, we’ll be looking at how we can deploy any Go function to AWS super easily. We can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service – all with zero administration.

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